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Who is Curtis Hill?

The Man, The Myth, The Legend.

A Singer, Songwriter, Entertainer.

Who grew up in Philadelphia, PA  in the 70’s

and was surrounded by the likes of The Delfonics,

The Stylistics, Blue Magic, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, and The Tramps to name a few.

He started studying any voice with a 1st tenor falsetto style, like William “Poogie” Hart of The Delfonics,

Russell Thompkins, Jr. of the Stylistics, Ted "Wizard" Mills of Blue Magic, Kenny Crew of The Futures and 

Eddie Kendrick's.  After some time he found the falsetto voice to be very fragile.

Although he found the falsetto to be a beautiful voice,  if he caught a cold,

he could not use his voice as well as he would like. This led him to study other styles,

like Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye,  Smokey Robinson and Cuba Gooding. 

Because he studied so many different styles at one time, it took him a long time

to find his own style, which resembles a lot of the artists he studied. 

If he had it all to do over, he would advise an aspiring singer to study only one style at a time. 

After developing a descant voice, he took off for gigs on the road. First stop Atlantic City,

then The Poconos, where he met an agent who booked all types of bands. This was his first band.

We were booked all over the place, The Catskills, NY - Springfield, VA - Utica, NY - Somerset, PA to name a few.

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